Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Used To Not Know Hows Ta Spell Eginneer

And now I is one.
I tells ya, it were a flurry of crafting work. And running. Lots and lots of riding and running. Run to the trainer. Run to the forge. Run to the mailbox fer the latest shipment of materials from Galertruby (who done did a bang-up job of holding onto all that coarse stone and mithril bars and all else what I didn't have room in me bags fer). Oh, bugger, I needs the recipe for white fireworks, so fly to Ratchet to buy that.

Pause for breathe.

Okies, more crafting. More riding. More running. Fly to Thrallmar for more training, 'cause the Azeroth trainers is a buncha yokels what can't teach the good stuff. Hammer, hammer, hammer. Fly to Nagrand to buy the recipe for seaforium bangsticks.

Phew. Take a break.

I still need to swing by the AH and pick up a primal nether fer to make me Goggles of Uber-Tanking, but I know the schematics and they be in the bag. And oh yeah, some gems. And I still need to pick a faction (great googly moogly, another faction) - Gnomes or Goblins. I's leaning Goblins, simply 'cause being able to pop over to Area 52 would be a big help. But I'll chew on that. But I's mostly done. 'Cept fer me flying machine. And mats fer some Goggles of Smashing!. And some other stuff. But other than all that, yup I done did it.

(Is were mostly done following this here guide).


Anonymous said...

Gratz Ratshag. Getting to 375 like any other crafting profession gets expensive. Though if you want the uber flying machine you'll need that 375 engineering to make it.

Ratshag said...


Getting to 375 is a low priority, despite the coolness of the Turbo ROFLcopter. There ain't nuthin' up there I need (already gots me a G-BKD boomstick). So I'll probablies works on it as I feel flush with cash, and let it slide as I don't.

Anonymous said...

My warrior is working on his uber tanking goggles of tankingness, too...them mats is expensive! Fortunately, I have enough badges to be able to acquire the nether for less than whatever exorbitant price they are listed for on the AH. Next stop, Turbo Roflcopter!

Skraps said...

Hey Rats,

Goblin is the way to go for tankin.

I find the Goblin rocket launcher is great for pulls, that I have to tank 2 or more mobs. It front loads a BUNCH on agro on a mob. Hit him with the rocket launcher, switch targets and the bugger you threw the rocket at wont ever go smack arount the squishie folk till you get a chance to hit on him a bit.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I slowed down a bit after 350 as well and only started making things I need. Don't have enough cash for the epic flight skill so the turbo roflcopter isn't currently a priority and I've already got a G-BKD thanks to my lovely wife. I've been making repair bots, adamantite shell/arrow makers for my hunter friends, etc. Still wanna make the dps goggles for farming, though.

I hear most tanks go goblin, but I went gnome. The Poultryizer has a +45 stam buff and it's actually pretty good for pulling casters. Toshley's Station is a convenient travel hub, too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, John. The other argument in favor of goblin would be the higher level jumper cables. Those are useful in a pinch.