Monday, April 21, 2008

Girls Night Out

Oh, hi! Palintera here, Team Ratshag's affirmative action druid.

Last night I was doing some jobs for the furblogs over on Azuremyst Isle, 'cause I'd heard there were some good rewards for a young adventurer not afraid to get her hands dirty. And then I got a call on the guild channel:

"Paallliiiii! Watcha doin?" Yay! It was my friend Feralicious, from Team Bell.
"I'm killing ravagers, 'licious," I told her.
"Need any help?"
"Not really, but I'd love some company"

So she trotted on over from the Exodar. That's her on the left, there. She showed me her uber-hammer of leet feral dps (level 15 edition), which Mister Shag would say is a truly righteous weapon. And then we got to work on those ravagers. We Wrathed and Moonfired and Bearformed all over their ugly asses. I was really glad to see that her hair was growing back after I'd put Nair in her bear shampoo that one time. Which was mean of me, even if she totally deserved it.

After I had enough ravager skin, we headed up the coast and Rawwred the heck out of the murlocs we found, including a big one who boldly told us his name was Murgurgula and was carrying a piece of fur he'd bitten out of one of my furblog friend's tushie. Hello Murg! Goodbye Murg!

Afterwards we went back to the furblog village and gave Gurf his dignity back, and he gave me some really nice pants, to which I promptly applied the armor kit 'licious was nice enough to make for me. However, we felt a little overdressed with all those furblogs walking around in just thongs. Besides, we're druids! Running naked through the woods is what we do. (At least, that's what Mister Shag told me.) So here's a pic of us, "going native". Which was fine, until one of the villagers walked up from behind and pinched us! On our butts! What a perv! I was all set to go give him what for, but Feralicious just laughed, and then she pinched me! Hey! /indignant

But I can't be mad at teh 'licious Feral. She's like my big sister, plus she keeps giving me all these nice leathers. Oh, and real sorry if the pic left you expecting tales of hot, drunken nelfette-on-nelfette action to feed your secret lusts and perverted fanatsies. You'll just have to go take a cold shower or something.



Anonymous said...

No I was more expecting tales of Ratshag liking your neflesh a bit too much as I could see those pics exciting him. Maybe it'll take pulling on those chains of his.

Anonymous said...

Also why is it that all NE's have the same underwear pattern and all?

Ratshag said...

It's because Frederick of Shadowglen makes the best undergarments - comfortable, durable, practical, and yet sill feminine. Why shop anywhere else?

And Mister Shag says to pull on yer own damn chain, Sonvar.

Anonymous said...

I don't have chains. All I've got I had to pull on were horns from my helmet and one of them broke on me /cry

Bell said...

Palintera is too polite to "kiss and tell." I will say, however, that she didn't give the real reason we're wearing the same underwear. Or why I make her so much leather. ;)

Khol Drake said...

So when does Nelfs Gone Wild come out?

Ratshag said...

@Sonvar - Oh, I'm so sorry about you're horn. /pat /sympathy have you tried gluing it back on?

@Bell - Wha?! Hey! Not true! Besides, you told me what happens Stillpine Hold, stays in Stillpine Hold.

My mother is going to find out about this, I just KNOW it...

@Khol - There is no video! At least, I really, really hope not...


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Pali,
Very glad to see you getting on so well with Miss Feral. Should you ever be in a bind and need some help AND Miss Feral not avail just holler and I'll turn myself into 800 pounds of dummy and we'll take ourselves on a killin' spree. Would be a RAWRing good time :-).
PS - It sure is nice to have "little sisters" around.

Anonymous said...

Can you show a picture with just boots?


Anonymous said...

Feralicious looks almost exactly like Naissa. Holy crap, long lost twins?!

Euripedes said...

You kidding? Their chin structure is TOTALLY different.

Anonymous said...

Glue just ain't enough to keep it there for long. It falls off the first time someone tries to wack me on the head. Either that or the eye in the middle of the helm ( just likes having a broke horn.