Sunday, October 16, 2011

TRANSMOGALYPSE! Gogmoth: Thug's Life

Warlocks, they's gots ta keep they's minions in line. Is different ways fer ta do it - feedin'em souls, burnin' they's psyches, makin' promises of freedom what ya don't intends ta keep. Me kid brother Gogmoth, he likes fer ta supplement these with a little intimidationizings and an occasional slap upside the head. He finds is kinda hard fer ta glare a doomguard inta soilin' its loincloth when yer a big orc in a purple dress, though. So come the transmogalypse, he's plannin' on goin' with a more hardcore look:

A Laughing Skull cap he got off a skull what weren't laughin', the Soulstealer Mantle fer the shoulders, and good ol' Netherweave tunic and gloves. Then he's bought up the Silver-thread pants, boots, and sash ta finish the look. And fer waivin' around and lookin' like he could actually lop a head off, he done borrowed Taragaman the Hungerer's Cursed Felblade.

Not bad, lil' bro. Ya almost done convincalized me what yer a tough guy.

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Anonymous said...

oooh nice accessories - they really show off his biceps, tripces mmpf err do you come here often? ;)