Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lady RNG Can Be Cruel. Likes Someone Else I Know

"You want to see it? It's very pretty sitting in my bag."
"Do you want to come watch me sell it?"

So fars, Team Shianti done gots five Helms of Evil Laughter. One fer Morani the paladin, which be right and propers, one fer Cameron the shaman, one fer Tempestad the hunter, and flubbernuggin' two fer Shianti what be a drood. Meanwhiles, on Team Ratshag, with no fewer than four plate wearers? None. Zip. Butkus. Diddly. The big goose egg. Nada. The null set. Zilch. One less than Garrosh's braincells. Same odds as Ragnaros gettin' invitified ta the Stormwind Ladies' Noblegarden Cotillion.

And every day Shianti done reminds me. "You should be on Team Shianti. Team Ratshag is poor buggers."


Kayeri said...

Garrosh has a brain cell??? When did this happen?????

That means he mighty, possibly... maybe.. nah, probably not...

He couldn't grow more, could he????

::pondering in semi-frightened silence::

Maclean said...

No... I have no doubt he has a brain cell... now a functioning brain cell, that is a FAR different question!