Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Where Stop Mathifies

So after hearin' me argument what the tankard be a better weapon fer plate wearers than the Kungalooshi Crime'n'Punisher, Stop the Silly Pirate had hisself a dubious. Bein' a practical sorta bugger, he done plugged in his freshly dinged 85 Death Knugget inta Simulationcraft and ran it fer both weapons. Survey says? difference in dps be less than 1%. said pretty much the same thing fer Phoenicia the warrior. So, me quick-and-dirty were missin' somethin', jus' like me nooner last month with that Venus di Milo chick, but overalls me point still be valid: Even though it ain't got Strength, the Terrible Tankard o'Terribles be a valid pre-raid weapon.

Now, in me serververse the Horde AH was showin' both weapons at nearly the same price, so meh. But over on Kinnavieve's world, tankards was more'n a thousand gold cheaper'n Kungalooshis. So she done bought three pair oughtta petty cash in anticipations of the young'uns what'll be ables fer ta equip'em soon.

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