Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fuhg Bigotry

Few days ago, I made a point of sayin' in a comment on another blog what I done has called Blizz out fer the times I think they done wrong, and I would again. This be one of those times.

Piercing Shots done wrote a post where he relates an incident at BlizzCon few days ago. Is also a video. You buggers should go reads and watch. Short version - the Blizz in-house band Level Whatever Tauren Whatevers were gettin' ready fer ta play a bit, and they brought up some rock star guy fer ta join them. On the big screen, they showed a interview he done did a while back which were heavily bleeped out, but he clearly were sayin' some nasty stuff and laughin' 'bout it. Piercing also has the unbleeped version, and is pretty vile. Now, I gots no problem with glubbernuggin' bad language, and I realize what some buggers takes the Horde vs Alliance thing way more personals than I, and I accepts that. But vicious, violence-tinged homophobic slurs is wrong. It is wrong even when ya bleeps it out. It is wrong even when ya sez "ha ha I was just joking." And Blizzard chose to make it a part of their annual convention because they thought it was funny.

This was not a joke. It was a mean, hateful attack on a segment of the WoW-playing community. And an attack on a segment is an attack on all of us. And so I's figgerin' out some responses.

Bashiok's "We're sorry you can't take a joke" non-apology on the forums indicatifies what complainin' there ain't gonna get much satisfactions. So I's workin' on a letter ta his bosses at Activision. They prolly don' care much about pvp on the Elemental Plateau there, but they does care about money and reputation, and perhaps they'll be mispleased fer ta hear complaints about they's employees have a jolly laugh over some homophobic fuckwaddery in a public setting. Or maybe they won't. Either way, I's gonna find out. I'll let you buggers know.

Meanwhiles, closer ta home, I Like Pancakes done put up the rainbow banner with a link ta a list of LGBT and LGBT-friendly guilds. Is a good protest of Blizz's endorsement of bigotry, so I's puttin it up too. And if somebody finds it helpfuls, so much the better.


Korenwolf said...

Ok, that's something I had missed. I wasn't aware that L90ETC are effectively (for all practical purposes) Blizzard. Makes it even more of a prize foul up.

Siha said...

Well said, Ratters - eloquent and very, very true.

Ratshag said...


The members of L90ETC include the president of Blizzard Entertainment (Michael Morhaime) and they's Art Director (Sam Didier, the lead singer and prominents in the video).



Kay said...

Thanks, Ratshag. I do hope they listen to you, since they aren't listening very well to anyone else.

Tell Bashiok that we CAN take a joke... that just wasn't one.

Steve Hall said...

Publicly +1'd and shared with my WoW Circle on G+.

scotth said...

We were at Blizzcon, and had a great time. I was really looking forward to the next expansion.

Now, I am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription.

Leah said...

its a pretty old interview.and a famous one. after all it was the reason why there's an npc in borean tundra, named corpsegrinder. I'm not surprised that blizzard didn't think it was a problem, since its been on youtube for years, George has been commemorated in game for years. with no issue.
I do think it was a joke. and from what I know of the singer in question - he's most certainly not homophobic. and honestly, if this was a problem, people should have complained to Blizzard years ago, when Wrath of the Lich king just came out. they didn't and with that, they said - its fine and its ok. we get the joke. so this whole thing being seen as offensive now is just.. I'm with Blizzard on that one, sorry.

Ratshag said...


Not optimistic that they's gonna hear me either, but I's givin' it a shot.


Thankee, bro.


I don't intend to cancel my account, but I do think I's not buyin' any more high-profit pets and mounts from they's store.


It don't matter if Mr. Grinder is a homophobe or not, or if he done meant fer his words ta be taken serious or not, or how many years ago he said them. I ain't askin' fer an apology from him. What matters is, Blizzard took a video what included him sayin' vicious, hateful things and used it as part of an official event four days ago. This be utterly unprofessional and inappropriate and no business should behave so sloppily. Blizzard chose to show this, Blizzard therefore attacked a minority segment of its player base fer shits and giggles, and I feels Blizzard should apologize for they's actions.

Mechakisc said...

Ah, it was the lead singer of Cannibal Corpse.

Being offended by anything they say or do is likely to have as little affect as being offended by something you see on South Park.

I'm not certain whether I'm comfortable with what went on, but it's Cannibal Corpse, so, yanno, that's it.

Redbeard said...

Since the Westboro Baptist Church came and made a little visit to the local high school yesterday, I'm already a bit peeved. And now to find out about this....


I see... Stupid people.

Night said...

Hear Hear!

It doesn't matter what you mean and it doesn't matter what you said, it DOES matter what other people hear. And a large population heard this as Hate speech. Granted, a segment of the population of players who post in the cesspool (official forums) don't actually represent the 12mil customers that Blizz has. However a significant portion of those did hear this and interpret it as Hate speech.

As an individual that guy can be any type of racist/homophobic/asshole/whatever he wants to be, whenever he wants to be. The problem here is that Blizzard endorsed this during a Blizzard press event during a Blizzard presentation during their time in the spotlight. Blizzard is responsible for ALL the actions of its employees at events like this. Saying "it's a joke" just doesn't cut it.

Daniel said...

I would gladly sign the petition, if there's one, to demand an apology or retract.

Saxsy said...

Hey, thanks for the link and the solidarity. I figured if I got one other blog to do it, it would be a success and by that measure it's a success.

It really is quite amazing that Blizzard either didn't consider the consequences of this, or did and decided to do it anyway. It's supposed to be 2011, not 1981.

Redbeard said...

@Saxsy-- I'm not exactly shocked. Remember the "Sin to Win" Dante's Inferno contest a couple of years ago? This sort of harassment has been lurking around for ages.

Ratshag said...

The lead singer of some band I ain't never heard of is free fer ta express hisself in an interview. I don't like him, but I ain't askin' nuthin' from him. Blizzard, though, be a multi-million dollar company what chose fer ta attacks they's own customers by playin' that stupid video. If they wants ta be worthy of they's customers, then they needs fer ta grow up and apologize.

WBC. What a buncha fluggernubbers.

Straight on, bro.

Anytime. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us.

Eustashius said...

Well done, Ratters. Is a crazy world when an Orc has to remind us what it means to be Human.

Fletcher said...

Mike Morhaime has issued an apology for this d├ębacle!