Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Even More Randoms Then Usual

So a flock of angry birds done beats a flock of Angry Birds, 74 ta 40. Remembers that, next time ya feels like playin' on yer smart phone durin' a movie.

This week's seeks ta answer that age-old question: "The hell you talkin' about?"


Bar said...

A Punk Kid in his Underwear driving a sub versus the Man who launched the 1st Crusade given the power of Mars? No contest.

Even if I DID have to look all of this up on Wikipedia in order to figure out just what the hell you were talking about!

Konni said...

Hurrah for being able to use some of the random information I learned in pursuit of a Literature degree (which, by the way I've never gotten to use, 10 years later).