Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is Where I Issues A Challenge

So, Pandemonium done been announced. Looks like most of the preliminary stuff be done, and knows Blizz be hard at work flushing out the details. Were one detail what were rather noticeables in its absentia - no female Pandaren art work. Obviously, is gotta get done 'fore MoP ships. Or, as the Tiz put it so eloquently on Twitter, "TITS ON A PANDA!" (If you were with us in Black Leather Undies, ya gets the reference). Now, I's jus' a simple orc, but I believes I remembers goin' through this in Cata too. Weren't 'til they was nearly done with the beta testing what they finally picked a design fer the female worgenators. And it pretty much jus' looked like they smashed a anime wolfhead onta a draenaninny body and lost the tail. In other words, looked rushed and cheap. I assures ya, you ever gets a chance fer ta get some horizontal refreshment time with a worgen lady, yer gonna see what they don' look nuthin' like in real life. Is the panda ladies gonna git the same treatment? Would not surprise me.

So, me challenge, issued this here thirtieth day of Octoberilizings, be this, now what the concept artists prolly be gettin' readies fer ta start inta WoW 6.0, whatever that's gonna turn out ta be: Whatever new races ya be designin' fer ta be central, whether is a playable race or not, try designing the female of the species first. Is gonna feel weirds at first, I know, but I has faith what ya can do it. Will be quite the feat if'n ya can make yerselves do it, but i'll be worth it. And us buggers what like our wimmenz exotic, we will thank ye fer it.


Konni said...

Here here! And those of us women who don't want to be considered an afterthought will thank you too.

Caroline said...

Seriously! It's so disappointing for women to be afterthoughts again and again. I can sympathize with there not being females in Uldum, because really TITS ON A CAT is probably a bad idea for the majority of the playerbase of WoW to ever get anything done again... But, so many NPC races where they didn't even bother trying.

Sedna said...

Yes, this! I get depressed every time I look at Tol'vir and Taunka and Broken- secondary races where having women represented wasn't deemed sufficiently important. I love Blizz, and I recognize that this is symptomatic of the industry in general. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Fletcher said...

Based on the concept art we've seen for the Mantid, *those* will have females. TITS ON A BUG just looks wrong.

But I completely agree that panda females need to not repeat the worgen female problem. Part of the issue here is that Samwise Didier designed the male Pandaren first; whereas his *female* Pandaren have always looked like *red* pandas; IE a completely different species and build to regular pandas.

I'm *hoping* they diverge from Samwise's design here and give us panda women that *aren't* tall, willowy, and completely different from the males.

Mishaweha said...

Agreed! I'd much prefer the women of a race to not be designed as an afterthought, or at least sooner in the process! And I agree with you, Fletcher; I don't want to see some skinny Panda ladies when the menfolk are round.