Monday, July 26, 2010

Ya Can Always Tell Who Be The Good Guys

... 'Cause they's the ones what pays you.

Now, I know, yer thinkin' "Ratters? Ain't Twilight's Hammer evil and all old-god worshippy?" To which I replies, Oh come on. What are the odds that these ancient tablets be the ones what unlocks the secret ta destroying the world? Is gotta be like one in a fuhggin' million.

Oh, and after we was done with the transactions, I asked her if she'd seen Buffy lately. She said she didn't know what I was talkin' about. Guess ya fergets stuff, bein' a walking corpse.


Mac said...

Excellent as always.

Did you ask her if she was still going out with that Worgen/Werewolf fella?

Townes said...

I always liked the evil Willow.

Cap'n John said...

Don't forget, Ratters. Those one in a million long shots usually come up nine times out of ten.

Edyion said...

now the question that comes to mind was this the remains of evil Willow, regular Willow, or did vampire Willow really let herself go?