Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Palintera's 40th Season

Happy Birthday, Pali!

Thanks, 'licious. Do you like my new hat? Morani and Sally got it for me. Wasn't that thoughtful of them?

It's a very nice hat. Although, I like the rest of your new outfit even more. All feathers and skulls. Although the feathers tickle my nose when I-

Stop that, you goof! The readers are watching!

*wicked grin* Let'em!

No, no, no. Later, sweetie. After my moonkin form lesson with Fylerian Nightwing.

How's that been going?

Pretty good. I mean, there are still a few occasional mishaps, but my space lasers are coming along nicely. Oh! About the hat - I ran into Kitty, and he thought it was so spiffy that he's going to ask Ghostcrawler to put one just like into the beta, only with hunter stats. And because those two are tight like, well, you know ... *blush* ... I'm sure it'll happen. So, all our hunter friends will have something to look forward to!

Well, that's a yay for them.

It is indeed.

Now, about those feathers...


Kayeri said...

::closing the door with a huge grin:: :)

BRK said...

"Dear Ghostcrawler, please delete Ratshag and anything or anyone affiliated with Ratshag Inc. Thank you, your loyal best friend, BRK."


/march off, steaming mad

/deletes the hat

Lui said...

Ok it's an old post but I just love those shoulder pads your wearin' :D