Friday, July 9, 2010

I Fuhggin' Told Ya Me Real Name Was "Ratshag"

A few days sfter opening a can o'shitstorm, Blizz done decided what they's Really Dumb Idea(TM) was a really dumb idea. Is big hairy Congo Rats to ever bugger what did they's part ta smack some sense into they's heads.


Xerian said...

The strong community in this case really surprised me.

To me it does not matter if Blizzard planned it this way from the very beginning or actually had to cave in to people's demands.

It just shows - if they try something like that ever again, hundreds of people will leave, me including.

And I really must say: I am proud to be a part of this community.

Bear Pelt said...

We rallied together, battling side by side. Alliance, Horde. It did not matter.

This battle was far greater than any 40-man raid could ever exist in-game.

And we--the players behind our avatars--are the real heroes today.