Thursday, July 22, 2010

If Movies Was MMOs

The S.S. Titanic tries to tank even though it is not def-capped, and is critted by an iceberg on heroic mode.

Toy Story
Woody, resentful over losing his raiding slot to the new toy, goes on the realm forums using his level one alt "Army Man #7" and accuses Buzz of being a ninja.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones receives a three day suspension for exploiting a known bug when he uses his gun instead of his whip to one-shot a scimitar-wielding boss.

Rambo III
John Rambo would free the POWs from their bamboo cages, but he's already done that quest.

Snow White
Snow White is an easy target on the battlefield, having rolled a healer when everyone else on her team is a gnome rogue.

Alien battle-rez ftw!

The Terminator
"Okay, Sarah Conner, when he transforms into a robot skeleton, that's Phase Two. He hits twice as hard, but his movement is reduced 30%, so you need to kite him around the factory."

Finding Nemo
Nemo's Dad grows increasingly frustrated that Dory can't remember if they're supposed to go through the trench or over the trench. I mean, it's not like she hasn't already done this quest on, like, thirteen other alts ffs.

Star Wars
Luke Skywalker wipes eighty-three times before successfully destroying the Death Star. He then farms it every week for the next two months, hoping that [Grand Moff Tarkin's Mantle of Villiany] will drop.


Xerian said...

Had some good laughs out of this, thanks :)

Dechion said...

I give up.

You sir have won the internet.


Fal said...


The King and always undisputed champion of the internetz.

Kusamoto said...

Drop rates and item level for the Grand Moff's Mantle? These are important details those of us looking for phat loot need to know. If it ain't 280 or higher, then there's no point in accepting the /ginvite from "The Rebel Alliance", since they're the only guild with a high enough gearscore to farm for it.

Bloodshrike said...


One of the most inventive and humerous bloggers out there.

Arleen said...



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LifeDeathSoul said...

too damn awesome for words! I humbly suggest putting this post on the essential Ratshag list XD

Pazi said...

You're brilliant.

That explains why heroes always are on their own ... you can't do quests in raids.

Dwism said...

That is a nice way to start ones weekend!

servitob said...


Steve - Kestrel's Aerie said...

It's been a long day at the Aerie, and I needed the laugh(s). Ratters rules teh interwebs. Well, duh!

Anonymous said...

that's not funny at all, all terrible WoW puns and terms, kinda lame actually.

Anonymous said...

@Anon- nothing on this blog is supposed to make sense. If you don't find it funny, get your but out of here!