Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is where Kinnavieve Sings A Song

Kinnavieve's been tanking some randoms lately, gettin' emblems fer ta buy heirlooms with. Is mostlies been positive experiences, but the other day I heard her mutterin' about some hunter misdirecting onta her while she were gettin mana. Them tankadins, thay does get fussy about  they's mana. They should just run off rage, like regular tanks. Anywho, was laters in the day I heard her singin' some slightly modified Heart....

Caught you in the act
Can't put up with that
Pulling when you shouldn't be
I wanna hear you say you're sorry
'Cause nobody takes advantage of me

Missing the mark, you're shooting in the dark
I'm pulling the wool from my eyes
Baby, don't pull when I'm drinking
It's gonna hurt you if it happens twice

If looks could kill
You'd be lying on the floor
You'd be begging me please please
Kinna don't hurt me no more
If looks could kill
You'd be reeling from the pain
And you'd never pull again
If looks could kill

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