Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is A Follow-on Ta The Last Post

Blogger seems ta be havings issues with comments today - I's gotten e-mails notifying me what some of you buggers responded to me post on quest tracking, but nuthin' be showin' up. Since Xerian and an anony-mouse both said basicallies the same thing and it sounded useful, I figger I'll pass it on here.

They suggests the Everyquest add-on, rather than going through WoWHead. Is more up-to-date and less works, they say. So, you may want fer ta try it instead. Is thankees fer the infos.


Anonymous said...

I am using Everyquest + Lightheaded and it is making the process very smooth.

Everyquest gives a list of all incomplete quests in the zone, and Lightheaded shows you the WoWHead comments on the quest.

Anonymous said...

additional input from previous anonymouse:

do Kalimdor first. 's much more difficult to get all quests there, and you'll need to do a bunch of chains that start in EK to finish Kalimdor, do work for that first. I ended up not touching Hinterlands or WPL at *all*, but I had only 4 or 5 quests undone on Kalimdor.

Doing it the other way around is more frustrating as you may have to do additional EK quests that you don't need anymore to reach the Kalimdor ones in chains.