Monday, February 15, 2010

Well Hello There

Ya can meets some interesting glubbernuppers when you's out pitying the fool. This here be Sappy Heron, and me and Unsuptail the Hairy Death Nugget ran inta him up in Naxxxxamass. "Thaddius! Loatheb! Who's minding the damn door!" he shouts out. Apparentlies, we'd walked in while he were getting his bones polished and joints lubed, and it were an embarrassments fer him. We apologized, said we show ourselves out, and come back when we had some more friends with. Ya know, fer a proper social engagement.


Hydra said...

Mean skelly dragon going to eat you. Crunchy plate on the outside gooey fleshy center.

Khol Drake said...

How uncommonly polite of you.

Unsuptail said...


Most of my FUR is covered by PLATE and MAIL armor.

Get it right next time, please.