Friday, February 19, 2010

Rating Me Titles

Is a fuhgin' fine title, full of class and prestige. And if that ain'ts enough, ya can still hit the glubberthubbers with yer axe. A-

More beer! A+

Bein' ables fer ta cook yer own meals while out in the field is damn importants. Bein' ables fer ta cook yer own meals and have'em taste good? Is priceless. B

Is knights in shining armor, riding over the hills, slaughtering the infidels, all that. I likes the slaughtering part, but keeping me armor shiny is a royal pain in the whatsit. B-

Oh fuhg no. D

of Orgrimmar
Who wouldn't want fer ta be associated with a booming metropolopolisity, full of happy, excited peoples looking to create a glorious future fer the Horde? A-

of Sen'jin
Place smells like fish. Even Vol'jin don't hang out there. On the other hand, is a good place fer ta score primo ganja. B-

of Silvermoon
Full of prissy elf-boys and creepy-ass magic brooms. And creepy-ass robots. And arcano-fascist goon squads. And when they's gonna get around to having a new king anyhows?. C

of Thunderbluff
Who the fuhg builds they's city on top of cliffs? Few mugs of fermented tauren milk, steps out fer ta see a man about a kodo, and whooooooo-hooooooo-hoooooooo splat. Bad urban plannings, is what it be. C+

of Undercity
Creepy-arsed place full of ooze and folks just waitin' ta test out they's New and Improved Plague of Yuck on ya. On the plus side, has the cheapest rates fer professional horizontal refreshment outside of Booty Bay. C

the Explorer
"Because it's there!" is a damn fine reason. On the other hand, rinding all over Bloodmyst Isle fer ta unlocks "Spot with two spacegoats" and "Spot with three spacegoats but one be dying" were the sucks. On the gripping hand, getting ta say "Swiper no swiping" is kinda fun. B

the Love Fool
Didn't that used ta be a tv show back when, with a congressman runnin' around gopherin', and all the boys wonderings if the captain's daughters boobies would be showin' this season, and a short dude on airplane-spotting duty? Or is I mis-rememberings from me childhood... Oh well. B-


Grimmtooth said...

"On the gripping hand ..."

/me suspects Niven fan living inside that green skin.

Josh said...

The Thunderbluff comment was my favorite. Although, as the father of twin 3-year-old boys, the reference to Dora the Explorer was a close 2nd. :)

Hulan said...

Fermented Tauren milk?! I really, really want to know more about that...or maybe I don't.