Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is a Dubious Cheesement

Now, I admits, I didn't pay much attention in history class. I were much more interested in playin' "Truth or Night Elf" with Utha Spleenchewer. Howevers, I did learn me a few things, such as: We orcs ain't from this world. We came over in me dad's generation after totally buggerin' up our own place. Once we got here, the humans was rude ta us, so we burned they's crops, sacked they's capital, and violated the dignity of they's monkeys. (I don't quite get the monkey part, but I's pretty sure I rememberfies we talked about it in class one day when I weren't payin' close attentions. Anywho.) Then we chased the dwarves inta they's hidey holes, forced Alexstrasza to put her kids ta use as the Orcwaffe, got the trolls ta attack the high elves, crossed the ocean and chopped down a buncha trees what was holy ta them Night Elves 'cause they remindified them not ta go blow up the world with magic or sumthin'. Yeah, and somewhere in there one of our leaders Ner'zhul went and played with demons and became the first Itch King, and we all know what mess that started.

Me point being, while today we orcs is mostly decent buggers, why is these ancient elders happy fer ta see me? They ain't my elders - my elders came on piddled on they's planet. With demon piddle. So how come they's all "Thanks fer coming - here's a coin and some fireworks"? I don't get it. However, it do get me that much closer ta me turbo-drake, so I ain't complainings.

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Kayeri said...

Turbodrake is awesome.... :)

And Ratters, if you consider these poor buggers cant even be seen most of the year, they are happy to talk to ANYONE during the 2 weeks they can be seen... :)