Monday, February 22, 2010

Always After Me Lucky Charms

Them goblins, they never did ask for they's toolkit back, so I's still pulling lucky charms off'n dead buggers, long after I's Love Fooled and everythings. No idea if they's gonna be any good next year. I mean, maybe Ellspeth and Alayda and all will be able ta get they's own Love Fools with no efforts. Or maybe Thrall's gonna go, "Year old ghoul teeth? Bugger that!" Or maybe the universe will shift and them bracelets'll be soulbound next time.

Or maybe I'll get sick of all that junk fillin' me bank and toss'em. Even if they is magically delicious.

1 comment:

Hulan said... don't need lucky charms. According to Jaina you have other charms that are far more interesting!