Monday, October 6, 2014

The Return Of "Who Would Win?"

So is back, after a coupla years hiatifying. This week we's gonna settle which of Disney's two recents colossal bombs done be the tougher - The Lone Ranger or John Carter. Or ya pick between the 1930s radio show an' Edgar Rice Borrough's Tarzan on Mars books. You buggers make the rules, I just post the results an' pretends what they mean anything. Anywho, is poll up in the sidebar.


Redbeard said...

John Carter. It was actually a good flick.

Lone Ranger, however, was really bad because Johnny Depp couldn't expand his range beyond his Pirates character.

Steve Hall said...

John Carter, and ERB, by a landslide over That Masked Man (horribly, make that ruined by Johnny Depp's worst role, ever.

Unknown said...

John Carter of Mars books were probably the second science fiction I ever read. I think 20,000 leagues was the first. I mean unless we're calling Tarzan science fiction, because I started the John Carter books after learning they were by the Tarzan guy.

I only made it through 15 minutes of the John Carter movie. I was ready to hurt everyone involved after that point, so I decided to go home and play WoW right away, as opposed to later.

The idea of an old school badass being so clumsy and foolish as they portrayed him in the movie was more than I could stand.

I made it through The Lone Ranger because I never cared about the characters as much, and because I was pretty amused by "Tonto the Pirate".

Nonetheless, I voted for John Carter because I always upvote John Carter.