Friday, October 3, 2014

A True Death Knugget Polishes His Own Jewels

Professions In WoD: Part 2 Of Several

This here post be kinda spoilery. Not a lot, but a little bit. So if'n ya don't wants yer expansion cherry popped evens a tiny pop, go away. Fer the rest of you buggers, the infos be under the safety pugs. Why pugs? Because pugs is awesome, is why.

Okay, we's back.

So, is be a really shiny feature fer crafters comin' in 6.0.2, what means in only a coupla weeks - we ain't gotta wait fer Blizzard ta shoot its WoD on Novembers 13.

So what is this really cool new feature? I's so glad you asked. Is an overhaul of how we can use our banks, and is gonna make life a lot easiers, I thinks. Lemme show ya what we gots.

Kalishna here be off an' runnin' in the betaverse, so she be startin' fer ta accumulates the new ores an' herbs an' cloths an' whatnot. But she's kinda sloppy so she done fergots ta unload all the crap in her bags before headin' off ta the Old Country. So now her bags be gettin' pretty flubbernuggin' full. So off she goes ta the bank in Warspear Hold. Well, it ain't really a bank. Is more like a big smelly tent with a buncha buggers in it, some of what be bankers. But that ain't the point. The point is, when ya checks out yer bank, is a new "Reagent Bank" tab. Ya clicks on this, it asks do ya wants fer ta pay 100 golds, you sez yes, and GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY LOOK AT ALL THEM NEW SLOTS!
But that ain't the best thing. Is gonna get better. How can it possiblies get better? I's so glad you asked.

See that button what sez "Deposit All Reagents"? Yeah, click on that bugger an' see what happens.
Holy guacamole, look at all that crap what jumpified. Metal, gems, weed, scribbler inks, cloth, Loki's frozen left orb, volatiles (dunno what hell she were still carryin' thems for), even them sacks of flour she keeps handy fer the frog-chuckin' at the Darkmoon Faire. Anythin' what can be used by any profession fer ta make anythin' else.

But that still ain't the best thing. Is gonna get better. How can it possiblies get even better? I's so glad you asked.

Let's go someplace far away from any bank. Like, say, Death Knugget Central.

And now Kalishna dona gonna make some sparkly jewelcrafter stuffs. How can she possiblies do that when she done put her everythings in the bank? Buggered if I know! Alls I know is, we can do it now. Well, we can do it in a coupla weeks. Soon. Real soon.


Steve Hall said...

So any chance Guild Banks will have a Reagent Bank, too?

Unknown said...

My favorite part is how Blizz is finally catching up to features that were in for the release of GW2.