Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Don't Fuhg With Helium

So John Carter done beat the Lone Ranger in last week's poll, 14-4. Yay space opera!

This week, ta celebrates some crazy bugger in Florida runnin' off with over 30,000 pounds of Crisco, we's gonna settle that age old battle betweens slippery stuff (16 tons of Crisco) an' sticky stuff (500 miles of electrical tape). Or mebbe is a battle between two songs. I just does the polls - you buggers do the rules.


Steve Hall said...

About one pound of that Crisco could coat the entire sticky side of all that tape . . . making the tape absofugginlutely worthless.

Crisco wins in a (land)slide.

Redbeard said...

Sounds like a couple of Country songs if you ask me.

I flipped a coin and got the tape, which kind of makes sense because you can use it as rope if you lose it's stickiness.