Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A True Monk Works His Own Leather

How many of these crafting title posts what don't make no sense is I gonna come up with? Yeah, no fuhggin' clue.

Professions In WoD: Part 3 Of Several

So now, still not wantin' fer ta spoils nuthin' fer nobody what don't want, so gonna hide the post under pictures of .... bugger it, I dunno. How about baby orangumonkeys this time? Everybody likes baby orangumonkeys.

And we's back.

One thing what's gonna be differents when we goes off ta meet me country bumpkin cousins in Draenor and take they's stuff is craftable epics. Now, we's used ta a system where crafters can make two or three epics in any given tier, and mebbe sometimes is weapons, and darkmoon fairy trinkets. But that be it.

This time around, is many many craftables. All the plate / mail / leather / cloth slots. Engineerin' goggles. Blacksmith weapons and scribe weapons. Cloaks. Rings and amulets (great googly moogly, we ain't nevers had them before!). And of course, darkmoon fairy trinkets. Everything starts off at LFR level, but the same buggers what can craft the things can also make tokens fer ta upgrade the things, first ta normal mode raid level, then ta heroic raid level.

Holy guacamole, Ratters, you sez. I's gonna deck me out in full crafted epics an' head straight fer the first raid soon as I ding 100 an' skip all that tedious gearin' up stage! This is the best thing evers!

Yeah, well, not so fast, sez me. They's onta ya. First thing is, all these epics done has daily cooldown bottlenecks as part of the craftin' process. When Blizz shoots they's WoD on Nov 13, is gonna take 20 days fer ta make an epic. Now, as we crafters skillify up and gets or garrisons up an' runnin' is gonna get faster, but still gonna be a mimimals of five days per. No shortcuts. Bummer.

Second thing is, all these epics done has a limit - ya cain't equip more than three at a time. Except cloaks fer some reason - tooltip sez they don't count toward the 3, but I's thinkin' what that just me a beta bug what's gonna get fixed. Weapons is also a little weird since some buggers wanna carry two while some onlies want one - I suspectifies what Blizz is gonna go with "you buggers is on yer own with this one." Also, weapons be 10 levels lower than the other epics.

So what does this all mean? I ain't entirelies sure. Way it be now, chest, legs, and helm be the best crafteds. But Lady RNG be a mischevious bitch. You go buy them three items, you just know thems gonna be yer first three raid drops. I's thinkin', it makes more sense fer ta hold off, gear up, save yer golds (or yer craftin' mats) an' see what drops fer ya. Then ya can craft (or buy) gear fer the slots what ain't dropped yet.

That's me thoughts on what you might wanna do. Me, I's gonna be workin' with me team fer ta craft one of everythin' an' put it all on the AH. Don't matter what most buggers ain't gonna wanna buy crafted bracers or rings or whatevers. We's just gonna need fer one poor bugger ta still be equippin' a ring from whatevers the country bumpkins is callin' Shadow Labs in this world, an' cain't get the second ring ta glubbernubbin' drop nohow nowheres nonuthin'. This buggers gonna be happy fer ta buy an epic ring.

Is me plan, anyhow. Gonna be interestin' fer ta see if it works. I'll let you buggers know.

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