Saturday, October 30, 2010

Need More Evil

Hi! I'm Hydrargyrum! I'm a gnome warlock who writes the blog Almost Evil, and co-hosts the Twisted Nether Blogcast. *giggle*

The most important thing to know about warlocks is that we use demonic minions. They help us do by doing damage, or crowd-control, or even tanking. Here are some of mine:

I am a serious but still casual raider. If it happens that the girl who was up all last night with a cranky baby did twice your dps and also survived the fight while you are sniffing ghoul toes, that is your problem, not mine. *giggle*

I like fishing. Sometimes I catch interesting things. *giggle*

"I'm cute, I'm cute, you're DEAD, I'm cute..." I can sometimes be found in battlegrounds, enough that I have a crapton of HKs. ... with all that said ... Hydra doesn't pee vee pee. *giggle*

Every year, I like to dress up as another blogger and poke fun at them. I think this year I'll do Ratshag. Yeah, I did him once before, but he's so awesome I just have to do him again. Can you blame a girl? *giggle*

Happy Hallow's End everyone! Touch my candy and I'll shadowbolt your face off. Evil, you know. *giggle*


Kayeri said...

::falling over giggling::

Stop said...

Epic win.

SSB Jezi said...

gos those gnome masks are scary!

Anonymous said...

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