Friday, October 22, 2010

Is Where Lady RNG Mocks Me

So, last night I was talkin' ta Rim and his friend Mr Dribbly.

Me: Rim, did you know if you talk to an innkeeper this week, there's a small chance you might get a pet?
Rim: Kumbaya, I did not. Which innkeeper?
Me. Any innkeeper.
:: pause ::
Rim: He gave me a "Sinister Squashling". What is that?
Me: It's the pet.
Rim: Oh, cool.

Five minutes later, we's standing over a head Headless Horseman.
Rimunathah has received [Hallowed Helm].
Rimunathah has achieved [Sinister Calling].
Me: Daaang. Grats, Rim!
Rim: Thanks! What did I do?
Me: You got one of the hardest holiday achievements in the game.
Rim: Kumbaya!


Eustashius said...

Lady RNG can be a ruthless, cold-hearted b****, can't she?

Rkik said...

I know the pain.

I had every achievement done Monday except Sinister Calling and the Toothpick one. All week I had been hitting the innkeepers hourly when not sleeping or working, and hadn't seen anything. Finally last night, my luck turned. I got both the Helm and the Squashling from the Horseman, and then at 3am when I happened to be up taking care of my daughter, I logged in and managed to get a toothpick finally. I'm very glad to be done with this holiday.

Leah said...

I got the mount the other day...on an alt that I almost never play except for when holidays come around, that's stuck on a server that I almost never visit :/

Kusamoto said...


I've only been trick-or-treating and kiling the Toothless Horsedude until roughly 4 AM all this week and gotten neither of those, which is all I need for the title. Meanwhile, I just pulled my 10th (10th!) Empty pumpkin off his cold, rotting corpse.

Khol Drake said...

That's what you get for showing Lady RNG's sister what a virile orc you are.

Pike said...

I'll tell her to go give you a visit.

Seriously she keeps giving me the pet on toons that already have it...


Cialbi said...

Stupid innkeepers gave the pet to one of my characters twice in a row.

Finally got my pumpkin hat, so I is now Hallowed!