Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Be Da Biggest Upgrade Evah, Mon!

How you doin'? Dis be Alayda,an' I reached mah eightieth season last night. First t'ing I did (after I finished da dungeon - I ain't no rude chile) I went ta see da man. He had a shiny new totem for Alayda, wid stats an' a place ta put a pretty jewel. It is much nicer dan de one I been carryin' about since de Stranglethorn days. De spirits, dey be very pleased, mon. Den, I went to da bank an' got out de two tankards dat Ratters an' Cameron got me durin' da Brewfest. I filled dem wid Alayda's Special Brew of Whoop-Ass, an' went out to da Icecrown to see who got da serious mojo now! AH-hehehehehehe!
Dis be Alayda, checkin' out. Stay away from da voodoo, mon!

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