Monday, October 4, 2010

Passed Over Yet Again!

The Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiologies done been announced, and once again it be goin' ta some bugger what ain't me. How many bodies he done opened up with an axe this past year and ended they's physical functionings, I wanna know.

Damn Swedish flubbernuggers.


Klepsacovic said...

The Swedes have a well-documented bias in favor of increasing life span of patients.

Skraps said...

Mebee you can get the (ig)Nobel prize for most rats shagged?

Townes said...

I was really surprised they passed over Druker, Lydon, and Sawyers after they won the Lasker Award last year. That typically leads into a Nobel the next year.

So really, I'd aim for a Lasker award, first. It usually comes first. Still, I have to admit they gave it to the guys who discovered leptin this year and who have probably never once had a fight with an axe.