Friday, February 6, 2009

I Took The Axe

So last night me and the Purge cleared out Azrul-Naboob. Twice. Amazing how fast them bugs keep coming back - is like giant glupperthunkin cockroaches. After, me and a few of the lads ran up to troll country and did a favor fer the local dog people. I had a choice of rewards, and I went with the axe. Now, smart folks'll tell ya a fast weapon is better fer tankin' 'cause it lets ya dump rage aand generate threat through heroic strikes, but I's an orc. We's good with axes. So I took it.

Plus ya gots to admit, it looks way betters than a log with rocks stuck in it

Speaking of lookin good, I's liking how me new Northrend armor be coming along. Still got me engineering goggles and the Chestpiece of Killed Eight Kajillion Spiders, but otherwise is pretty much all new. Looks good, I thinks. With spikes. Fer comparisons, look at me old armored clown outfit from a year ago, back in Outland. 
Great Googly Moogly. Would you feel safe behind this meatshield? Buggered if I would.


Pies said...

I guess, being a druid, I'm less picky about how my gear looks and therefore I probably shouldn't have, but I laughed at the "before" photo :D

Darraxus said...

1)Yeah, the hammer looks pretty dumb, but is actually an awesome tanking weapon.

2) Outland was the clown shoes expansion. Until you started raiding, you usually looked like a clown.

Anonymous said...

Now you look like a REAL Orc Warrior.. not some Blood Elf Paladin!

Kusamoto said...

Yeah, I'm in Nagrand right now, and all the best armor seems to be either purple or pink, so I can relate to the "before" photo. I have pink shoes, purple pants, purple chest armor, royal blue gauntlets and bracers, and a shield with a big pink "L" on it. It doesn't help that our guild tabard is - you guessed it - dark purple.