Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is Where Ellspeth Wants A Hit

Hi! Ellspeth here!
You know, it seems like I've been here in Stanglethorn for like, forever. Or at least a year. Even my leveling buddy Suptail left me - Ratters has been helping her in places like Blackrock Mountain and Winterspring and a bunch of other places I've never been to. I asked him to help me with my quests, but he said no, that'd be against the rules. I get all the help I want with my professions, but he can't help with quests. I told him that rules were meant to be broken, that that's what they're for! But he wouldn't budge, the big meanie.

So here I am in Stranglethorn, killing trolls. Lots and lots and lots of trolls. Ratters tells me there's going to be zombie pirate nagas too, but I haven't seen them yet. Just trolls. And tigers. And gorillas.

Speaking of trolls, when I reached my forty-second season, I caught the zeppelin over to Orgrimmar to get some training, and I ran into Rim, who had just respecced. Got tired of fire and frost, I guess.

Fine! Be that way! Just don't be surprised if someday I suck out your soul right through your eye sockets!!! Or maybe I'll get Ratters to beat you silly, or something. Hmmph.

Wonder if I can score some mana crystals off of Hannelore...

Anyway, got to get back to Stranglethorn, and all its trolls, who are almost as mean as Rim. Tootles!

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Khol Drake said...

Stranglethorn Vale is like some special version of hell that everyone has to go through. I'm not sure why that is.