Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Letter to Vonya

Love is in the air, my sweet hyacinth of discipline. Can you not smell it? Perhaps you can smell the fine cologne I am wearing - few men would be willing to go to the extravagance of one silver coin a bottle, but a beauteous lady like yourself is well worth it. It's lovely fragrance has been causing the ladies of Stormwind to give me their Pledges of Adoration when I give them my Looove Tokens. Some men might be afraid to admit to having passed their tokens out to other ladies, but I know you are a sophisticated woman of the world, and understand that a man cannot limit himself.

Do I not look dashing in my new Dinner Suit? And Bonemuncher, is she not lovely in her Red Dress? Or his, I have never been quite sure... Bonemuncher! Stop eating the friendship rings - they are not for you! Where was I? Ah, yes. We found them in a mad alchemist's bubbling cauldron of green ooze. Where better to find fine attire?

Tonight, you and I will share a Romantic Picnic dinner in someplace romantic and secluded. Such as the Pestilant Scar, no? I will shower you with rose petals, and feed you sweet morsels from from a box of chocolates, and playfully pull your tail. And as the passion builds, I will show you my love rocket, and you can show me you bag of candies. I will make your blood boil with excitement, and you can do that ... thing ... with your horns. I am not quite sure what it is, but that foul orc assures me it is quite worth the effort.

I shall pick you up at eight tonight, my darling petunia, and we shall make it an evening to remember. Ah, but first! There is a lovely young guard, and she is in desparate need of my love token. Until tonight, you shall have to content yourself with the memory of me and my amazingness, and swoon.


krizzlybear said...

Doood, it's Sunday now. Tell us what happened? I'M INTRIGUED LIKE NO OTHER!! *claps hands excitedly*

Khol Drake said...

I think we'll be hearing tales of Maurice, the no-longer-living Death Knight if he keeps up his pursuit of Vonya.