Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stranglethorn Vale

Got a card from me warlock friend Ellspeth recently. "Booty Bay is here. Wish you were beautiful. Tootles!" Heh. Ain't she the cutest little soul-devouring psychopath? Apparently she and her big goofy-but-huggable hunter partner have made it to Stranglethorn Vale and are busy helping Nesingwary the Junior and his friends put more beasties on the endangered species list.

Stranglethorn Vale was not my favorite locale, out of all the places me adventures took me. Now I have heard some say that unless you live in one of them pvp-alternate universes where the Horde and the Alliance is in open conflict that you ain't got a right to complain about the Vale. Not to take anything away from the misery that is to be the gankee, but balderfeathers.

Stranglethorn bites, period. It sucks. It blows. It do both at the same time.

There's mosquitos the size of vultures, vines what reach out and untie yer bootlaces, and snakes crawl up yer pants and touch you most inappropriately. Not only are there pirates, zombies, and nagas, but there's zombie pirate nagas. You gots to kill trolls for they's ears; no wait they's totems; no, no, they's necklaces; wait, it's they's tusks; ah, bugger it, just kill all the trolls. Some litterbugger's managed to scatter the pages of some boring-arse book all over the dang place. And every time you have to turn in a quest at Nesingwary's you gots to shove yer way past all the dang animal rights activists.

I hated that place. Lucks to ya, little Ellspeth.


Sonvar said...

Nagrand is everything that STV should have been. The only thing Nagrand needs is a big ocean surrounding it. I'll grant you that STV can be a misery I still feel that until those animal rights activists start killing you its much better for you.

kakalaki said...

STV is gruesome and that will never change. However, for the alliance, things have gotten a bit better with the new addition of a FP at the north part of the area. I know this doesn't help the numerous other problems with STV, but it helps. I have found, at least for alliance, that the new quests and new FP in Dustwallow Marsh are great! They are not too hard and are a plenty.

Anonymous said...

Gonna drop in for a few comments.
1) This is easily the most amusing blog I've read. It's also the only one I continue to check up on. :)

2) My first character leveled through STV. On a PvP server. As an Alliance Warlock (UD rogues are so much fun). This would have been in Jan '05 - LONG before 'locks actually had the ability to PvP.
Since then I've leveled a warrior and a paladin to 70. Neither of them visited STV for anything other than the flight point. I'm now leveling a mage and I'm considering trying it again...

Faralorn & Kira said...

And what about those pesky Murlocs? If you're into killin', skinnin', fishin' and flower pickin' it ain't that bad a place to be. I do think I musta have killed every darn cat and gorilla about twenty times over. One of the cats coughed up http://www.wowhead.com/?item=869 and I kept the darn thing instead of sellin' it for 50g plus. Sometimes I wonders what I uses for brains.

Game Dame said...

I have to gush and tell you how big a fan I am of your blog. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Don't look now, but I've blogrolled you!

klaki said...

You've been blogrolled on mine too. I hope you don't mind that I put the mouse over on yours as "This Orc Has Issues" :)

Kamandi said...

If your not on a PvP server, StV is a joke. Period!

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Suptail said...

Hey! I'm NOT goofy!