Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Goals and Priorites

As I has already mentioned, me dad beat the importance of havings Goals and Prioities into me at an early age. Usually with a big club or a quillboar femur. Havings accomplished all of me earlier Goals and Priorites, it seriously be time to write down me some new ones. So here they is.

Number the One. Get all friendly with the Aldorks so's I can get some nifty chest armor. At the moments I got a little over 500 Dreadfang venom sacs, which ain't even halfway to what I needs just to get back to being on speaking terms with'em. Lots of work to go there.

Number the Two. Forge meself a nice two-handed axe likes the Lunar Crescent. This ways I ain't gotta be tempted every time some junky two-hander drops in a dungeon. I'll be ables to say "I passes. Let the hunters squabble fer it, or let it be DE'd. For the enlightened ogres of Ogri'la have taught me to rise above the desire for material objects." And everyone'll be all impressed with me purity and spiritual goodness.

Number the Three. Help the Keepers of Time stop the evil Infinte Dragonflight froms killing Medivh befores he can open the Black Portal. This would be really terrible, 'cause then the humans and dwarves and elves would be all killing theyselves and civil warring while us orcs would have to stay in Outland, overlording over the Draeininannienaes and beating our peons and setting up our own kingdoms where we can do whatevers we wants and be really rich and ... uh ... it'd be bad ... ummm. Bugger. It'd be bad 'cause Medivh wouldn't give me the key to go to his Kara tower in the here and now and get all the cool loot he left there. There.

Number the Four. Do some more good deeds for the Keepers of Time so's they'll really like me and sell me the righteous tanking pants and helmet spell they keep in the gift shop at the Caverns of Go-Back-in-Time. And maybe a t-shirt what says "I went back in time and saved the universe and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". That'd be cool.
Number the Five. Go back to the Botanica and do for Warp Splinter. Me and Mr. Crazy Tree gots unfinished business.

So. There they be. Time to gets back to work.


Anonymous said...

Hey waitasec....when did you move from Vox to Blogger?? And why didn't you let me know so I could update my blogroll?


Ratshag said...

Well, I didn't really. 'Cause I post the same stuff here and on me old vox blog.

Wildhermit said...

Ratshag, sorry it took me so long to come check your blog out. I like it here, going to add it to my regular "visits."

Anonymous said...

Tag... you have been discovered by the Holy Light of Elune and found to be absolutely hilarious! Added to the blogroll.

hehehehe... sorry, I'm still laughing...

I think I'm just going to get over the fact that you're... Horde... *shudders*... as long as you can post from over there and I don't have to smell you I'm sure we can be good friends

Anywhoo, glad I was directed over here, gave me a good laugh!