Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Beer?

Windshadow from Big Bear Butt Blogger asks if, now that she has her own freak show bunny thing, if there's any reason to go back to Beerfest. She already gots a Ram mount to rest her Dainty Elf Butt on, gettin' so blitzed that yer willin' ta dance with a squidface just fer da heck of it ain't her thing. So. Is there somethin' worth goin back for?

Short answer: ummm .... no.

Long, thought-out as-insightful-as-an-intellect-of-30-will-let-me-be answer: ummm ... no.

There's an outfit that'd let her look like a reject from Brother Stoutbelly's All-Dwarf Oompah band, and some goggles what make everyone look likes gnomes. Yeh, right. She could come over to Orgrimmar and get da googles to make everyone look like dashing and virile orcs, but that'd be a lot of trouble. 'Sides, it'd always be so dang disappointing when da mood is right and it's time to take the goggles off and Ooops! He's just a pasty-skinned human. Bugger that!


TheBigBearButt said...


Thanks, that made my day.

Red Snappah!

Evil Sheep said...

Very nice, and sums up my feelings about Brewfest in a nutshell.