Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Need More Beer

Zinzi and I went to the opening night of Beerfest last night. What I can remember is a lot like this picture - blurry, and lots of pink elekks. I also remember riding around Orgrimmar on a ram (fuhg only know what I did with my talbuk) yelling about how great the beer was.

And when I woke up this morning there was this thing - looked like a rabbit with horns and wings - peeking out at me from a beer mug. Trust me, when you've got a hangover what feels like half the Burning Legion be pounding on yer skull, the last thing ya need is some freak of nature eyeballing you.

One thing I does remember is Zinzi getting real blitzed and hitting on me big time. Not that I blames her, 'cause with 300 pounds of muscle all covered in khorium armor and sharp spikes I's about as virile as it gets. But I didn't take advantage or nuthin', 'cause she's a friend and also 'cause I knew she was gonna be pukin' inside of half an hour and I knew that was just gonna kill tha mood for me.

Tonight - we get to do it all again. Beer! Beer! Beer!

1 comment:

TheBigBearButt said...

Yay Ratshag!

Grats on your new feathered friend.... hope ya don't go drinkin' him down by mistake!

I did this last night too.... and now that I have me my little bunny friend, I'm done with beerfest.

I WAS gonna do it... but I already have an epic ram mount from PvP... that I never use cause I gots a Talbuk :)

If there is some other awesomeness from beerfest I'm missing, hey, let me know in that awesome Orc style!