Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some More Good Advice What Was Written By Thems What Ain't Me

Da Egotisticalistic Priest (who has been demonstrated to be a two-fisted beer drinker - gotta respects that) has put up some words on bein' the new kid in a guild. She's too lazy ta write da whole thing, so this just be Part the First. Parts the Second and the Third to come forthwith. Neverthelesses you buggers should go read. I read it. It's good stuff, and I probably needs ta learn a bunch of it.

I hads the advantage of joining a guild what had a buncha buggers I already knew in da top leadership. The disadvantage was that they was all seasoned veterans and I was jus' a scrawny wet-behind-da-ears twerp. They helped me out somes, showed me a bunch of ropes, but mostly I was on me own. I eavesdropped on they conversations, like a kid hiding under the table, learning about the world and also learning about me guildies. Sometimes I'd have somethin ta say dat was useful, or entertaining. Sometimes I was probably annoying. But they tolerated me and I learned.

Now, I's a top dog in da guild. My gear is as good as anybody's, my skills are uber (well, yeah, except for da ones what ain't yet, but I working on them). And da guild be dieing. It never were that big, and it's losing people. Many of da members, including thems what got me to join way back when, have decided they rather hunt bagginses in Moria, or be starship troopers what shoot lightning bolts, or simply just rent theyselves out as studs (this only works if yer Tauren, apparently, so don't try it). So I's at a crossroads, kinda like da one in the Barrens except not. If'n I want to go to the deep dark dungeons and be all the hero I can be, I's gonna need to be finding a new home, at least part of da time. And I'll be da new kid on the block again. And I don' wanna bugger it up.

So thanks Ego. Lookin' forward to da Part the Second and Part the Third.

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