Friday, October 12, 2007

Interesting Stuff Learned Whilst Spying On A Friend

So, I's looking up the armory profile of Da Egotistcalacious Priest (who drinks whiskey two mugs at a time!). Not 'cause I wants ta laugh at her gear or talent choices or nuthin'. Naw, I just wants to see how her fishin' skill is coming along, since she'd said wanted to get good at it but thought it was duller than listening ta Taurens debate philosophy. As a newcomer to da sport, I was curious. If she had a higher skill I was gonna take that as motivation. If nots, den it be an opportunity to encourage. As it happened, my skill be higher. So.

/target Ego

While I was dere, though, sumthin' caught me eye. Her Unarmed Combat Skill is 2. Not 1, which would mean she never punched nobody, but 2. Means she hit somebody wit' her hand exactly one time. How is that, I wonders. Was she once in a desparate battle wit' da pirates outside o' Booty Bay, out of mana, desparately swinging her staff, when some uncouth ruffian disarmed her, forcing her to resort to slam the heel of her hand inta the bridge of his nose, buying enough time for her mana to regenerate and allowing her to smite his ass down?

Or did she one time bitch-slap a dwarf, just to see what it would feel like?

Anywho, let's go fishin' together in Ashenvale or somesuch, Ego. I'll bring my new pony keg, you bring some fishnet stockings. What ya say?

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