Monday, October 22, 2007


That's right. The Headless Horseman's Helm of Evil Laughter. And it's mine! All mine!


There's a story behinds it and everything.

So I's hanging out at the Scarlet Monastery, looking for some crazy fools brave souls to venture into the graveyard with me and summon the horseman. There's a bunch of scuzzy Alliance types keeping to theyselves over on that side, which is fine with me 'cause they just talk gibberish and they smell funny. And on the Horde side of the room there's, well, me. I ain't feeling too optimistic about finding a group at this point.

Then this Forsaken warrior comes by. He's also protection specced, and we lament together about how all finger-wigglers and backstabbers got they flashy rings and now they won't stick around to help out the tanks who wants our Helm of Evil Laughter. And he pulls out his pony keg and we each have a beer or sheven. And we talksh more about how unloved we ish ...hic! and then the beer ran out and he shtarted to cry on me shhoulder. But I shaid not to worry Friend A and I *hic* pullsh out me own pony keg.

Sho we're shtarting to feel a little better and then a paladin comes by looking to join a group and maybe get the Helm of Evil Laughter for hisshelf. And then there's a hunter ... hic! And then we find another warrior, a pvp specialisht this time, and by now Friend A and I is starting to sober up so into the graveyard we goes.


Well we summons Mr Headless. Friend A tanked him, I laid into him with me axe-and-dagger, lots of fury, subtlety is for the weak gear, the others did their jobs and down he goes. And we loot the body and get a mage ring.


So another of our intrepid band pulls out a candle, we summons again, and again we puts him down. We loot the body, and its the rogue ring, which I already gots. Summon again, and another ring nobody wants. A fourth time, and we goes to loot the body, and there it be. Ooooh ..... The Helm of Evil Laughter. And four of us wants it. We rolls. I gets a 92. It is mine. Mine I tell you! All mine!


We got one candle left for to do the summoning. I could puts the helm on, but I figured it'd be bad form in front of me brothers-in-arms, so I leaves it in me bag. We summons, we kills, we gets a ring of healing. No more candles, no more Horseman. Everybody says thanks, it was fun, I gotta go, bye. And then it's just me and me new friend in the middle of the graveyard. I pull out me pony keg and we have a few drinks. A ghost impudently floats up and rudely tries to start something, so I smack it into oblivion.

"Go on," he says. "Put it on."

So I reaches into me pack, pulls it out, takes off me Ragesteel Helmet, and puts on the Helm of Evil Laughter. I can feel its power surging into me veins. I tilt my head back to look into the starry night, fling out my arms, and let loose:


Friend A cheered. It was glorious. Every warrior in Azeroth would give his left nut and both of his buddy's to have that helm, and it was mine, all mine!

The beer went flat. It got cold. There was nothing left but to head out. I wished me new friend well, and told him not to hesitate if'n he needed anyone else to summon the horseman again. We said goodbye, and I hearthed back to the inn at Shattrath.


Lance said...

Oh my GAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD that helm is ridiculously awesome. As soon as my warrior gets to his new realm I am stalking SM for a group to get that helm.

TheBigBearButt said...

Grats.... just grats. What a ridiculously cool looking helm.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the laugh from here!


It's the most excited I've gotten about a piece of equipment in a long time.

Grats on yours.

Anonymous said...

64 times I summoned and killed that Evil Git, and 64 times he never dropped that $%&&XX!!! Helm.

I'd cry, but I'm not a paladin...

Anonymous said...

That helm is freakin' awsome, I sneak into his office JUST to hear it.

warlock leveling guide said...

Wow great story :D

Definitely 5 stars.. oh wait.. can't rate the post.. just imagine I did, okay?

"subtlety is for the weak gear" I had to LOL at this point :P Keep on writing stories!!