Monday, December 22, 2014

Talonpriest Ishaal Is So Done With Tommy Joe

The other day Kinnavieve were out in Nagrand, trappin' wolves fer they's fur and savage blood, an' she done took Talonpriest Ishaal alongs fer some extra musclefications. Now, His Holiness does a good job of bodyguardin' on these jobs, even if he do have a tendency fer ta keep poundin' on the wolves after they's trapped, but he don't exactlies have what you'd call a sense of humor. So when the Stonefields show up fer ta haul the beasts off, Tommy Joe's lip flappin' kinda got on Reverend Birdie's nerves.

As the afternoon went on, things just done kept gettin' testier.

I's pretty sure what everbodies made it back ta the garrison without the Talonpadre demonstratin' ta Tommy Joe how ta prepare Shadow Word: Farmhand (rotisserie-style).

But I ain't positives.

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