Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exarch Maladaar Ain't Exactlies Hercool Pwerot

Herkle Purebow? Hurkel Parrot? Bugger it, he ain't exactlies a Belgian detective. Is closers ta that Pink Panther dude.

I mean seriouslies, I ain't seen such a obvious whackjob on a poor inconvenient bugger since Aragorn applied a tourniquet ta Boromir's neck fer ta stop his bleedin' head wounds when Legolas an' Gimli weren't there ta see. "Hands of a king is the hands of a healer"? Yeah, right, pull the other one, is got bells on it. But I digressifies.

Point bein', Exarch? Wake them lil' grey cells up an take'em for a walk or sumthin'. They could use the exercifications.

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