Friday, December 19, 2014

So I Guess Michael Morhaime Done Built Hisself A Barn

And when we went out fer ta trap hisself some beasts, sumthin' a lot like this happened:

Then I figgers there were a conference call with Minion #1 and Minion #2 what went kinda like this:

"Hey, it's Mike. Lissen, we gots ta get a hotfix in right away."

"Yeah, I know is eleven at night. Don't matter, this is important. Gotta get the code monkeys on it ASAP PDQ."

"No, not that. Is trapped animals fer the barn. We gotta make'em stack. Mebbe to twenty."

"I don't care that the playtesters said they shouldn't stack because of reasons. Look, who's the president of this fluggernubbin' outfit?"

"A whole raid tier? Yeah, well, that'd suck. But me bags is full, guys. Gotta has priorities."

"I dunno, forty? Fifty mebbe? Look, I's still tryin' ta unlock level 3."

"Well you tell him what Big Mike needs these things to stack by Wednesday, or he can go send his resume to Carbine Studios. See how he likes that!"

And that be the tale of whyfor Blizz decided fer ta make them traps stack. Now if onlies we could get it so the only way Mr. Morhaime could check his garrison missions durin' the day was on his phone, we'd get a mobile version in no time....

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