Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ghostcrawler Promised Me A Pony. Then He Done Quit

Well, Hallow's End VIII is a wrap. Me an' the team, we did a full court press fer the Horseman's Flyin' Pony - I figger we looted about a hundred an' fifty pumpkins. In the end, we was oh-fer-a hundred an' fifty. Not that we didn't get some loot - pretty much everybodies what cant equip plate got theyselves a Helm of Evil Laughter, an' several buggers what weren't rogues or monks reached in an' pulled out pumpkin swords. Alayda the shammy trollop done had herself all kinds of epic lootifications of uselessness:

At least the trick-or-treatin' junior team members was productive. They extorted enough tricky treats from the innkeepers of Azeroth ta pick up a coupla new pets fer the team, as well as that bonfire toy we bought years ago an' then deleted 'cause whofuhg had the bag space ta carry around an extra campfire? Plus Noggle the Rogue got a chance to look like a real badarse fer once, 'stead of a cute little dude with coupla toy knives.

Oh, and the perky pugs, they totally rocked it, 'cause pugs in costumes is awesome.


Neri said...

Oh lordy, those goggles on the Perky Pugs are AMAZING! I really should have paid more attention to this holiday event >.<

Nicki said...

Oh man, I hear you. My shaman got three swords and the helm. I think shamans have a higher chance of looting all the things they can't use. -_-

Still no mount for me after all these years.