Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sauce Fer The Gander

Is so many armors what shows off all the females pulchrons .... pulkrinates .... pulcharions .... bugger it. They shows off a lotta midriffs an' sideboobs. But ya puts 'em on a guy, and suddenly it don't show no more skin than them things nuns wear. But today I were runnin' nubbers in me dwarfy priest disguise an' I got me some polychromatic threads. Put 'em on an' great googly moogly I thought it were a graphics glitch. Dwarf belly, dwarf nips, were all sortsa amazingly virile dwarfflesh. Turns out, no is supposed ta look like that. Well, I thinks. Is a little hard fer ta tell on wowhead, 'cause all the pics of this armors on wowhead done show it on wimmenz. So I done submittified this here pic of me, fer ta provide a bit of balance:


Redbeard said...

They accepted it, Ratters.

Good man.

Ratshag said...

Perculia is a woman of sophistication and good taste.