Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A True Blacksmith Forges His Own Pet

Professions In WoD: Part 4 Of Several

So, here we is. Rampagin' through the portal, settin' up our garrisons, dashin' to 100, and figgerin' out this here new profession system, with it's daily cooldowns. Which is really how it mostly was since MoP 5.1, we just didn't notice 'cause we'd alreadies skilled up.

So here's a thing fer you buggers. A tip, kinda. If yer needin' fer ta get you some epics (or heroic-level swords) as fast as possibles, then go do those. But if'n ya gots a bit of flexibilities, there be some more efficient ways fer ta skill up. The epics, they all gives ya a skill point fer every ten reagents what is needed. So fer examples, a truesteel breastplate done needs 100 truesteel ingots an' gives ya 10 skill ups. But now a Soul of the Forge, what be a lil' flamey bugger of a pet, he only needs 50 ingots but he still gives ya 10 skill ups. Not bad, eh? Half as many means twice as good. And then there's the re-roll tokens - the grinder an' the reshaper. Thems is three skill ups fer onlies ten ingots, which be even betters. Other professions, they gots similars.

Remembers, the higher yer skill, the more ingots or hexweaves or crystals or whatevers ya get from yer daily transmute. So, skillin' up faster is better, if'n ya can affords ta be flexible with what ya makes the first coupla weeks.

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