Friday, March 9, 2012

Better Than A Set Of Level 80 Greens Anyday

There's been some gnashings of the teeth overs the new Scroll of Resurrectifyin'. Specificallies, the fact what thems what left the game an' now come back get theyselves boosted ta they's 80th season, with some gear an' bags an' a mount an' a free upgrade ta Cataclysm. How come the loyal veterans what never left ain't gettin' a reward, they asks?

Well, here be just a quick sample of all what I got fer playin' these past few years. Thems what left ain't gettin' none of it. Not the memorable first kills, not the shit buggers said, not the weird-arsed bugs, not the glory, not the pain. Time done moved on. Way I see it, I already got me rewards. An' I wouldn't trade'em fer nuthin'.

And this ain't even showin' the best thing of all what happened....


Kayeri said...

Well said, Ratters! and I have enjoyed your moments, too, as I'm sure all your readers have. :)

Kayeri said...

btw, My husband just chimed in with one of his favorites... "The time I got knocked off the top of Icecrown Citadel while tanking the Lich King and he jumped off after me! That SO should have counted as a kill!"

Kay said...

...the time the bear druid survived Arthas' insta-kill spell and spent the entire monologue dancing in his face.

...the time the deathknight raid leader turn on Path of Splat as we fell towards the final encounter with Anub'arak.

...the raid's DJ playing our raiding theme song (Weird Al "Bathroom on the Right." Don't ask.) over Vent.

...the day we killed the original raid version of the Bloodlord, which we'd been stuck on for so long it was embarrassing.

Yeah, I already got my prizes and I treasure them.

Tsuds said...

Could not say it better myself.

I'd not scroll myself back into the game at the cost of all the fun and days I've had.

tkc said...

Being a long time player, and planning on continuing to play, here is what I got for signing up for the annual pass.
A shiny mount.
A Mists beta key.

Kinda hard to say I got nothing.

Oh, and I got my first 10 man Madness of Deathwing kill last night. Got me a pretty new mace for my troubles. So to say I got nothing... whiskey tango foxtrot

Lui said...

*Snort* re your comment to Thrall.

Love it!


Lui said...

*hold me* the server just went down - sob :(