Friday, March 23, 2012

"Deserve"'s Got Nuthin' Ta Do With It

We heroes, we done hunted down the Betrayer, the Lich King, the Destroyer. We's saved the world time an' again. They build statues fer ta honor us even, sometimes.

Do we deserve it?

Like Will Munny, I's killed women and children. I's killed everything what walks or crawls at one time or another. I's slaughtered not onlies them what stood against me, but they's children, they's parents, whoevers were hidin' in them houses and huts in Hillsbrad an' Windyreed Village an' an' Bladespire an' Skorn. I may not've seen'em, hidin' in the shadows, but I heard they's screamin' as they's homes burned down around them. Me hands is thoroughly drenched in blood, and they ain't never gonne be clean.

An' you buggers is no different.

Why we done these things? Because we come from a people what be teeterin' on the edge of extinction after the wars of the past decades, and we's gonna be damn sure if someone goes over the edge it'll be them an' not us. We do it 'cause lives is cheap an' food an' beer ain't, so we do what thems what be payin' us asks fer.  We do it 'cause we's stone cold killin' machines.

Killin's the only thing what most of us was ever good at.

Over at WoW Insider, Anne Stickney be askin' if Garrosh deserves fer ta die. Mebbe. His hands be pretty fuhggin' bloody too. An' mebbe they's gonna get bloodier. But I ain't seein' what ya can say they's bloodier than us heroes' hands. Now, if'n someone pays us fer ta kill him, we'll kill him. 'Cause it's what we do, not because he's dirty an' we's clean.

"Deserve"'s got nuthin ta do with it.


Khol Drake said...

Deserve may be too strong a word, but some people...some people, they just need killing.

Way I see it, there are peacemakers and warbringers. Your Garrosh, he's definitely a warbringer. Same could be said of our own Varien Wrynn. The difference, as I see it, is a matter of infliction or deflection. Both these assholes are trying to protect their people. At least that's the line they sell. Garrosh is going for protection by infliction, the do unto others before they do unto philosophy. For the most part, Varien's been building the strong offense by way of strong defense. Varien at least seems amenable to the idea of peace with the Horde, so there's at least that. Garrosh can't seem to even stomach that. And if the Cataclysm and the battle against Deathwing has shown us anything, it's that we really need to be working together. Anyone working against that goal, well, I'd deem to need killing.

If I happened to get paid to do it, so much the better for me.

Lui said...

Was wandering about that 'of the killing of others' bit.

Maybe it is my blood stained hands - when I hand in a mission. Cos they normally say 'welcome back hero' and I...I'm not a hero just a goblin for hire.

Kusamoto said...

I never done killed nobody that wouldn'ta killed me right back given half a chance. I consider that karma mixed with luck and a hefty side of private enterprise to make it a little lighter on the conscience.

Throm - Jaedenar said...

I'm going to kill Garrosh because I'm Alliance.

Nothing more.

Unknown said...

I'm an Old God's damned hero, right enough. At least, the ladies in the taverns buy it, so I'm going to keep selling it.

Still, just between us "heroes", I've tortured in the name of dragons, I've slain enough elementals that I can't imagine why the world still spins, and stained my hands with enough blood that I wear red leather so you can't see the stains as well.

Well said, you damned dirty orc. Well said.

Unknown said...

And another thing. I'm a loyal member of the Alliance, as far as you know, but I'm not convinced Varian's motives are so pure.

I think maybe Garrosh just caught him with his pants down.

Zellviren said...

Being a Forsaken, I doubt the moral judgements of the living apply to me.

That said, the killing of Garrosh thanks to "corruption" is yet another example of the appalling writing that's mangling this game for those that don't play it purely for loot.

All so Metzen can shove Thrall down people's throats a bit more.


ComputerSherpa said...

If Arthas offered to pay you a million gold to assassinate Thrall or Garrosh, would you do it?

SpiritusRex said...

Computershare, I know a hunter who as an efling and at the instruction of his trainer killed people who had personally done him no wrong solely to learn a new skill or perhaps for 2 coppers and a loin cloth so I dare say he'd kill Thrall or Garrosh for much less regardless of who has footin' the bill. There's a reason why killers have "a look" to them.

spiritusrex said...

WTB edit button


Tesh said...

Then again, when the dead pop back up in a few minutes, all well and healthy, where's the harm? Only cutscenes kill for good.

We should be fighting the good fight against cutscenes.

Ratshag said...

So, usin' the proper tactics ta defend yer people based on the situation yer handed determines whether ya deserves ta die or not? Seems a little arbitraries.

Nah, we's heroes. We just ain't saints.

Neither has Garrosh.

And sometimes we kill buggers 'cause they's standin' between us an' a new mount.


Like Thrall an' Garrosh, Metzen be a example of the Peter Principle in action. Don't bothers me too much, though, 'cause it gives me lots more fer ta write about.

If'n Arthas offered me 13g an' 250 rep fer ta kill Thisalee Crow, I'd do it. I learned long ago what the way ya tells the good guys from the bad guys be who's payin' ya.

Yup, we all does it. 'Course, folks is often' too bedazzled by me "Amazingly virile" look fer ta notice me "killer" look.

Can we keep the cutscene where we skydives onto Deathwing's back? I always likes that one.