Friday, March 2, 2012

I Tend Fer Ta Be Astonished Indeed

So, some robot bugger done left this comment on me last post:

 "what are means to grow better? anybody reflects on such matter some times. people's reasons seem to be different. The meaning of better is private for majority. You tend to be astonished, but I am satisfied with mexican prostitutes resource. I obtained qualities I strove for"

Gotta admit, I weren't expectifyin' the sudden turn inta left field in that fifth sentence (I changed the link fer ta keep it SFW). Um, yeah, little robot dude. Glads ta hear yer satisfied, and you keep right on strivin' fer them qualities.


Redbeard said...

That reads like a spam version of Mad Libs, Ratshag.

Bloo said...

"Love you, think of you, love you secretly, eagerly love you, wait, feel disappointed,try hard, lose, and feel sad, go apart, and recall.All of these are for sake of you. buy rs gold,rs gold,wow gold,cheapest wow gold on."

I keep it in my spam comment folder to laugh at. :)

bloodshrike said...

^^ auto-complete didn't work right.

tkc said...

Heh! More like it reads like the people whispering that my acounnt is end report if eye don't not e-mail theym may paswword.