Wednesday, January 11, 2012

State Of The Team

Plan be fer ta kill Deathwing with as many of us is possible, before we's all kung fu fightin'. Is a lot more appealifyin' than just me or Kinna killin' him overs and overs again. So I's makin' some notes fer meself fer ta see where we stand. Feels free ta disregard.

Geared fer LFR or betterRatshag, Kinnavieve
Geared fer wellroicsPalintera (365)
85th seasonFink (352)
Alayda (334)
Phoenicia (333)
Ratdorf (299)
In CataclysmMaurice (81)
Danger Mouse (80)
In NorthrendKalishna (78)
The Warrior With No Name (78)
Ellspeth (75)
Jinnik (74)
Gogmoth (70)

"Pain"? "Agony"? Is just gonna get worse, you fluggerthudder.


Saif said...

If this is for the LFR/Cross-realm stuff, I can happily come along on my Death-Knight and DPS or tank, if you are running on a night I can make it, and need her.

Her name is Rakshasi on Argent Dawn. She should be just about good to go for LFR. She's sadly neglected these days.

Ratshag said...

Not exactlies part of the cross-realm stuff, though it might feed inta it. Is more of an RP thingy. Soon as the BattleTag system goes live, I'll be makin' an announcement on that an' try fer ta get the ball rollin'. Don't know when that'll be, though. I know RealID'll support cross-realm raidin', but unfortunatelies I some reasons fer not wantin' to use that system.