Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Most Interesting Gnome In Sholazar Basin

The Oracles and the Frenzyhearts compete to be exalted with him.

His Kungaloosh can loosh a kunga.

The Avatar of Freya seeks him out for advice on gardening.

Hemet Nessingwary and Arch Druid Lathorius come to his house every Thursday to play bridge.

He is ... the Warrior with No Name.

"I don't always ride a mount, but when I do, I ride a crocolisk. Stay anonymous, my friends."


Matty said...

From a round-about path, I found your blog. Delightful! Perhaps you were the Orc blowing kisses to my shaman several months ago...your secret is safe with me.

Paul said...

He has a thing against death knights.

"I don't always drink tears, but when I do, I drink LosDKs. Stay bursty, my friends."

Bloodshrike said...

Haha, awesome! :)

Bloodshrike said...

Haha, awesome! :)

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