Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What do you mean, I can't cannibalize Nespirah? Jusst ... just ... jusst look it at all!


Lui said...

Ewww! ...clicked on link and got: '......enter Nespirah's body cavity through a small tube near the exit to this cave.

Could this be the reason?

Maybe they are just covering themselves so you can't sue for lack of hygiene?

Yes this is the way my mind works ;)

Ratshag said...

Nespirah is basicallies a giant sentient clam in the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, ya goes inside her (and fights nagas), and yeah, that's her brain Mouse is standin' on.

Lui said...

Tah Ratters

Only you could provide a more comprehensible description.


Dammit, all that food going to waste lol