Friday, November 19, 2010

Ya Gotta Keep'em Separated

Last night another Purge / Black Leather Undies combined retro raid team went inta the Temple of Ahn'Quawhateverthefuhg. Bugger it. We went ta AQ40. Were pretty much a roflstomp 'til we go ta these two glubberthudders, the Twin Emperors. Heckle on the right, he's immune ta magical damage, while Jeckle on the left be immune ta physical. Every couple minutes they swap positions. Buncha little AoEs and knockbacks and bug asplosions. But the kicker? If'n ya lets'em get within 60 yards of each other, they heals fer 30k a tick. Now, a slightly bigger or better geared (or better skilled) group of buggers could overpower that, be weren't there, so we hadda do it the hard way. Me and Rim What Blows Shit Up went ta the right and took turns tanking, dependin on which brother we had. Stop the Silly Pirate went left and tanked both of'em. We had two warriors, Big Bad Guun and Mr Hoof's little brother, dps'ing on Heckle when I were tanking him. Fianlly, were wall-decorating Llanion in the middle doin' healz, and Throttle the Gimp keeping the bugs off of him.

First try, we didn't know what we was doin' and were a wipe. Second try, we had some issues managing the aggro wipes and they was ables fer ta heal theyselves enough ta live until they could enrage, and it were a wipe. Third try, were rock'em sock'em. Were too late fer ta press on ta C'thun, but we figger we'll get him in a week or two. Then it'll be cheesement city.

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