Monday, November 8, 2010

Healadins Don't Get The Blues

Young Jinnik been on a good run lately. She done reached her 51st season, alomost entirelies by healin' dungeon runs. This weekend she cleared out Maraudon and the Sunken Temple, as well as a good-sized chunk of Blackrock Depths. She ain't even had fer ta deal with a warrior or pally tank what didn't bring a shield (or a druid tank what ain't got a face) since Uldaman. As a reward, Blizz done gave her Plate Specialization when she dinged 50, 5% more brains fer wearing all plate.


Here be a list of all the plate armor with brains what ya can get before Outland. Notice a couple things? Thing the one, except fer the heirloom shoulders (what be itemized fer PvP, not dungeon healing), ain't none of them even equippable at 50. Thing the two, there ain't even enough there fer ta make a complete set and get the bonus anyhow. No chest, no gloves, no boots. Theory says might be possibles fer ta buy "of the gopher" (or whatevers type gives ya brains - I's a warrior, and cain't be bothered fer ta keep track of the details) on the AH, but she been looking and ain't had much lucks. Is also possible fer ta get caster gear out of the end-of-the-dungeon goody bag, but is only a one-in-six chance. Other five times, ya gets tank or dps gear, with no brains. So far, she ain't landed the right roll.

I knows, it'll get better in Outland. And in 25 seasons she'll actuallies be able fer ta get a friendly blacksmith fer ta whip out a full set of Brilliant Saronite gear. But meanwhiles, that plate specialization spell just be a cruel joke, and she'll be wearin' cloth and leather and mail.


Nikodhemus said...

Mayhap there is an understanding that yon spell slinger should renounce her calling of the cross, and pick up a more suitable roll? The power of the Warlock is beyond comprehension, yet is unneeding of a steel encased hide to protect the body. At least she is of Blood Elven descent, not a meat headed Orc or vile Corpse like the rest of your retinue. Perhaps there will be some salvation for her yet...

Gyorg said...

I'm afraid you're a bit confused. Young Jinnik here is a Draenei, not a Blood Elf, and as such has taken a vow to fight the demons of the legion, not befriend them. Our salvation is closed to her, and I doubt that she truly wants to take up a new calling anyhow.

However, as one of those 'vile Corpses' I must take umbrage at your comment. This is no time to be sowing dissent. The shamans claim the elementals are restless, and with all this shaking I'm inclined to believe them. Surely you've felt this at Silvermoon? Further, those blasted cultists are acting up again, and the last time they did that they tried to set up a grudge match between Ragnaros and Ahune at the Dark Portal, and this time they're more active than before.

The Horde must stand together or fall apart.

Nicolause said...

Agreed, Ratshag. 5% intellect bonus is not enough to justify sticking to subpar plate. If you can, pick up pieces with "of the Eagle" or "of the Sorceror" plate-wise... but just know that it'll be that way until Outlands. Hell, Nico ran around in cloth back in the day before he hit Outlands. Broke my heart, but he outgrew it soon enough.

The Bitter Fig said...

Just a word of warning... Outlands ain't much better. They had the good sense to take the strength off it, but still pretty slim pickings. Here's all 17 of the the brainy green plate in outlands...;minle=70;maxle=115;cr=23;crs=1;crv=0

...and here's all the pre-70 intellect plate from dungeons, 7 pieces...;minle=70;maxle=115;maxrl=68;cr=23:105;crs=1:-2323;crv=0:0

and blue quest plate, just to finish it off... four pieces, one with hit, one with dodge. yup.;minle=70;maxle=115;maxrl=68;cr=23:18;crs=1:1;crv=0:0